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As well as receiving the command, bidirectional automations can also confirm its execution and communicate their current status.

If you have one of these remote controls, your automation is bidirectional:
Era One BDEra P BDEra W BD

Absolutely yes! Ask your installer for the Era One BD remote control and OXI BD receiver to replace your current model. But sometimes you may need the OX2UBP interface as well.

Yes. You need to ask your installer for the OX2UBP interface, Era One BD remote control and OXI BD receiver.

Yes. You need to ask your installer to replace the existing tubular motor with a Nice bidirectional tubular motor.

Yubii gives you even greater control of your home automations. The bidirectional remote controls not only manage the automations so you can open and close your garage and gate, or raise and lower your blinds and rolling shutters, they also confirm reception of the command and provide feedback on the status of the automation by light, sound or vibration.

Of course! To check the status and manage bidirectional automations by smartphone, you just need to download the MyNice Welcome App and have Core connected to Internet.