Nice Core
Nice Core
Nice Yubii Core
Nice Yubii Core
Do you want to connect all your Nice automations?
Just a small hub to do great things.

Upgrade your Nice automations and add others compatible with Yubii to make them interact via Core, a genuine control centre connected to your Wi-Fi.

A home that knows your habits.

With Core, you can create personalised scenarios, such as opening all the rolling shutters when you wake up and opening the garage door to let the dog out.

Combine the automations.

Connect all Nice automations and those compatible with Yubii.

Nice Yubii Core
And make them interact with each other.

Configure the commands, create your scenarios and manage them with bidirectional remote controls or the MyNice Welcome App.
Find out more in the technical data sheet.

Nice Yubii Core
Security before all else

Core uses the most advanced encryption algorithms, making it practically impossible to clone.

Nice Yubii Core
Blackout safe

The additional battery power safeguards the system’s functions, even if there are problems with the electrical supply.

Nice Yubii Core
Do you want more from your home?

Download the MyNice Welcome App

You can configure your controls and manage all your automations, singly or in groups, conveniently from your smartphone... even when you're not at home!

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